Are you a mobile service? 

Yes! I’m mobile and available for on location work.

I will come to you with all makeup & hair supplies needed, all I need from you is a cleared table area to set up, good lighting (natural is best), and power source for hairstyling tools. Travel within Nanaimo is complimentary.

I don't really wear much makeup day to day, I'm nervous about working with a Makeup Artist because the last time it was too much. Any suggestions? 

My style is quite natural, however, people have different ideas of what natural means. I do suggest booking a trial if you have any hesitation. A trial is an opportunity for you to build a rapport with your artist, ask lots of questions and try things out.  You will have a chance to wear the makeup and hair out for the day and see how it lasts. You'll know exactly what to expect on your wedding day after doing a trial. We can hop on the phone for a 20 minute chat, free of charge.

Do I really need to book a trial? 

While I do strongly suggest a trial so there are no surprises, if you're easy going, super chill and not too fussy, and like what you've seen on my website and social media, you don't have to book a trial.

Can I book a trial without committing to a wedding day booking?  

For sure! You can book a trial without having to book the wedding day. No commitment, that fee of the trial will be applied to your wedding day if you do decide to book. 

Why is the bridal makeup & hair package more than a bridal party makeup & hair package?  

A full trial is approximately 2-3 hours, this is a chance to try out your vision for the first time, sometimes it doesn't alway turn out as expected and sometimes its perfect on the first go!

On the day of the wedding dedicate 2-2.5 hours for your hair and makeup - we want your day to be as relaxed and stress free as possible. This is a time to kick back with your closest people and take in every moment. 

We also put together a schedule for you and your bridal party about one week before the wedding. You can simply forward this schedule to anyone having services done, we do the organizing for you so you don't have to think about it. We spend about 4-6 hours with the behind the scenes emailing, scheduling and building the Artist team for larger parties. Your package also includes a touch up kit ($40 value) so you're prepared for anything on the day. Its a surprise to many when they learn that we put 10-12 hrs of work plus some travel time into just one Bridal package booking. 

I am constantly replenishing my kit with high quality makeup, skincare and hair care, another reason why the cost is worked into pricing.

How long does it take for a makeup/hair service for bridal party or mom/grandma?

Its takes about 45 minutes for a makeup services. I make sure to prep the skin first too. Its takes about 45 minute to 1 hour depending on the hairstyle and hair type. 

How long will it take to get everyone ready? Makeup & hair? 

I aim to have everyone done within 4 hours, no matter how large your party. I will put together an experienced team of artists to accommodate the booking. 4 hours to us is the perfect amount of time, you already have a huge day ahead of you. We suggest adding minimum 30 minutes after makeup & hair so you have time to change, snack, take pictures. 

Will you start early? I need to be ready for 9am.

Yes! We are happy to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, we do charge an early morning fee of $30/hr per hour and per artist for start times before 7am.

What if someone decides they want their makeup or hair done last minute on the day of the wedding? 

The team will complete all of the paid for services first. If we have time after to accommodate the added service request, we will absolutely do it. 

What if someone wants to cancel their services last minute?  

There is a one month cut off before the wedding day for making changes. While we understand that sometimes life happens, our artists are expecting to work so we hope our guests will commit to the time just as our artists have committed to the time. Please refer to the contract for more information.  

Can I bring my own makeup or skincare? I have sensitive skin. 

I have a full kit of products that are great for sensitive skin. Of course I’m happy to use yours if you know that it's the only thing your skin will be happy with. Please notify me ahead of time of any allergies. 

I have my own clip in hair extensions, can I bring them for the stylist to put in? 

Yes, there will be an additional charge ($30) for the extra time to put in extensions in addition to the hairstyling service, please notify the lead artists so it can be scheduled in accordingly. Please make sure they are washed, brushed and stored neatly. 

What if I don't like how the makeup and/or hair turned out after the trial?  

Not to worry, my feelings won't be hurt. I want to know if you were not satisfied for any reason. I do my very best to ask lots of questions during the trial and work out the kinks.  Normally after a conversation about the trial and what the bride may want changed is very easy to change on the day of the wedding. Second trials are rare. 

I'm thinking about getting lash extensions, will that mess up your makeup process?  

I can work with lash extensions, but likely won't use any waterproof makeup since oily remover may affect the lash adhesive. If you do want waterproof, just let me know. 

Is everything you use natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan?

All the products in my kit are free from animal testing. Any products that are not vegan, are not because they may have honey, I do use animal hair brushes and synthetic taklon brushes. I do use a couple of conventional items still as they are what help the makeup last, such as a makeup setting spray and eye primer. Like the 80/20 rule! If you’re 100% no for using any conventional products, please notify me ahead of time.

What’s Green Beauty Collective? Is it your store in Vancouver?

Green Beauty Collective is an online shop I run with my co-worker Jacqueline Parker. We share studio space in Vancouver where we hold consultations and services and ship orders from this location. If you’re in the area, remember to book an appointment since we aren’t a traditional brick and mortar shop. Visit our GBC online shop here for more information. If you’re located on the island, you can book a consultation with me (in person or virtual) , your order will be shipped to you and free for orders over $99 from the Vancouver location.